Episode #8 The Sweet Drug? Can sugar drift you from your life purpose?

March 5th 2022: Episode #8 The Sweet Drug? Can sugar drift you from your life purpose?

Amy Satamian aka Coach Amy!

Amy Satamian is an entrepreneur of the Mind, Body and Soul. She has been in the wellness industry for over 8 years guiding clients. As a health and wellness coach she guides clients to reach their optimal weight loss goals by assisting in changing their mindset around food and the relationship we have created.She has worked with hundreds of clients helping them in reaching their desired health and weight loss goals, by providing easy to implement customized meal plans, and assisting in healing past pain that affects one on a soul level.

Educating her clients on the misconception of foods that are considered healthy is a major benefit with working with Coach Amy. One of the primary misconceptions is the use of “Sugar“ and how it affects the body. The Sweet Drug as Coach Amy calls it explains the similarities between sugar and hard core drugs that are illegal.

The Satamian Effect works with all three major areas of your being: Mind, Body, & Soul resulting in a total transformation of health and your life.

Coach Amy loves helping people, because it’s her passion, it’s her calling, it’s why she’s here states Coach Amy. To guide others on their own journey of healing and well-being.

Facebook: @AmySatamian

Instagram: health_coaching_by_amy

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