Hello To All My Purpose Seekers Out There. It’s yo boy Doctor Purpose! In this episode, Doctor Purpose proves, “Beyond the shadow of a doubt” that your Hobby or Hobbies are not just these meaningless regular activity that is done for enjoyment and typically done in one’s leisure time. He shows how the word Hobby has been crafty to deceive you into believing this hobby of yours is something that you just play around with in your spare time. Doctor Purpose also believes the word Hobby has been used to water down humans potential and abilities. See in his opinion your hobby actually could be the key to your successful future and purpose in life! He would like for you to consider looking at that Hobby of yours more seriously as a way to bring true enjoyment, happiness, and meaning to your life!

Donald Murphy aka Doctor Purpose

Is Executive Director/Owner of Doctor Purpose Life Purpose Coaching and Project Purpose International Teen Mentorship Program

Doctor Purpose Owner of Project Purpose International Association Nonprofit is a global initiative collaboration with partner communities around the world to assist our youth in realizing their gifts and talents to transform thinking to ensure development of Life Purpose! The Purpose Project started in 2014 as a way to test and introduce purpose as a solution to many of the challenges facing our youth and families.

With several years owning and managing small businesses and having a strong community advocacy ethic, Doctor Purpose has numerous rewards in the Food & Beverage Industry, including Manager of Year, Panda Express High Achiever 2 years in a row, Guest Customer Service Recognition, Millionaire’s Club Inductee “Exceeding Sales Over One Million, Springhill Suites by Marriott Exceptional Service Award and “Random Acts of Kindness Award Recipient” and much more.

Doctor Purpose credits his success secret to helping others find their Life Purpose. As a former Managing Partner of a Restaurant Doctor Purpose recognizes the need for teaching our youth responsibility, job training, business skills, serving others, the meaning of customer service and finding your unique life purpose.

Doctor Purpose Life Purpose Coaching

As a Parenting & Life Purpose Coach, Doctor Purpose works with Adults/ Parents on finding their Life Purpose provides Parenting advice in 1 on 1 coaching sessions or his popular high energy group workshops!

You can find more information here at www.drpurpose.com

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