Episode #3 Pain Points/ The Six Selves of Life Mastery

July 13, 2021: Ms. Rocio Perez: Pain Points/ The Six Selves of Life Mastery: On this episode, Doctor Purpose interviews Ms. Rocio Perez, The leaders, leader. She trains and develops leaders.

Rocío is an unapologetic optimist and sought-after international speaker of truth. She has delivered hundreds of inspiring and life-changing leadership talks that have helped thousands of attendees embrace success by becoming more intentional. She believes everyone has the capacity to live an empowered life of prosperity, service, and happiness.

Rocío is the founder of Inventíva Consulting. She designed a 7-Step Coaching Process and wrote an international bestselling book. Rocío recently created The MindShift Game to help people take more courageous, consistent actions, build their confidence, expand their vision, step into their power and elevate their energy.

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