Our memories of traumatic events in our past can cloud our judgment, preventing us from making decisions and acting in ways that would improve our current lives. Sometimes a repressed memory from our past returns to haunt us. It can be excruciatingly painful, causing us to not function well in our interactions with our partners, friends, family, and co-workers. It can lead to failures in relationships as well. These pains from our past can become a burden in our lives. It is not easy to turn our lives around when these pains and sufferings are haunting us, but I did it.

As a teen, I dealt with strict family rules, feelings of loneliness, being unloved, and bullying at school. These things combined made me a rebellious adolescent who desired to break all of society’s strict rules. Many of those listening or reading this may feel the same way I do. Many of us have gone through or still going through these situations. Those mistakes or injuries we went through as teenagers become a life lesson for us. But when we try to hide those pains and want to run away from them, they become a challenge to us.

Pain is unavoidable in life. We all experience pain daily, whether it is physical or mental. Suffering and pain are a natural part of life. People may try to avoid pain, but the reality is that there can be no gain without pain. We fully appreciate how valuable life is after we have overcome adversity. We accomplish this by facing ourselves and conducting a self-evaluation. We’re challenging ourselves to ask the tough questions. “What is the meaning of life?” for example. Or do I truly identify with my family’s beliefs?” Experiencing a great deal of pain and heartache may prompt this inner knowing to prompt us to ask difficult questions. Most people often feel that pain inside. They feel something missing deep down in their hearts, but they ignore it. They never ask the questions because of fear and traditions of what their families may say.

Confront your past failures and pains

Being an adult, I tried to keep my past hidden from others as I began to turn my life around and achieve success. I started suppressing my pain and negative emotions. I faced many broken relationships and failures in life. Then, I realized I could not hide from my past. Instead, I must accept reality. Things improved after I confronted my teenage gang self and began to accept and love myself. As an adult and being married I tried my best to hide my past. I hated myself for being in a gang. All the fighting, fighting with the police, selling drugs, hurting people, bullying other teenagers, and even carrying a gun. I was addicted to alcohol and even attempted suicide to end the pain.

What I realized is that the pain helped me find my purpose. It helped to prepare me for my true calling in life. We can recover and learn from the times that cause us the most annoyance and pain. It allows us to take the first steps toward discovering our one-of-a-kind life purpose. Today, I help troubled teenagers that are experiencing many of the challenges I experience to find success in life by helping them to discover their LIFE PURPOSE. For more information, you can click on the link here:

Use your pains to find your purpose in life

Our ability to feel pain is one thing that unites us as humans. What distinguishes us is how we deal with pain. Either you ignore them or try to understand what is going on inside. But one thing is certain; you are successful only if you realize the insights of your life. When emotional pain prevents you from healing from a situation, it’s a sign that you are not moving forward in the right way. The best way to adversity is to learn from it and apply what you’ve learned to focus on growth and forward momentum. Those painful memories can make us immobilized, and we cannot get out of our thoughts, but we should not let that happen. We should not regret what happened to us in the past. Instead, consider that we successfully got out of those miserable times and chose the right path for us. It’s never too late to use those pains to motivate us and keep moving forward.

Let your negative emotions flow

You’re not alone if you can’t avoid negative emotions because you’re afraid of them. Many people are afraid of emotions such as grief, anger, disappointment, or sadness. Instead of feeling them, people try to block them out, which can stop the process of letting go. When you try suppressing these emotions, they can prevent you from living a happy and purposeful life. Let them flow out; otherwise, you will be stuck in your past. Don’t worry if you cannot let go of a painful situation, do not criticize yourself. Instead, be kind and compassionate to yourself. Tell yourself that pains in life are unavoidable. However, we can choose to treat ourselves kindly and lovingly when we face these situations.

Express your pains to fight them

Start sharing your feelings; it can help you cope with your pain. Share it with others, like friends and family, to get them out of you. You’ll feel better if you get everything out of your system at once. It will also help you identify the source of your pain. When you decide to take care of yourself by attending to your needs, the first thing you must confront is your emotions. Burying your feelings only postpones the pain; each new pain will bring back those unpleasant memories, causing you to suffer. The more you process your emotions, the fewer emotions are likely to be triggered along with the remembered experience. You will eventually remember the event as a distant memory without causing yourself any harm.

Finding a sense of purpose in life does not have to be difficult

Every successful person has a clear sense of purpose, so why not you? You may become disoriented, unsure of how to proceed or which direction to take. You may be living a peaceful life without any purpose. Everything is going well in your life, but you will look back and wish you had spent your time differently one day. It is not easy to live a life with purpose as it is full of troubles and pains. It may open questions and ideas that are not comfortable and easy to answer. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile. It gives you an inner source of light that guides you in your dark times and help you in every decision you make and leads you to the experiences that will illuminate your soul.

Turn your pain into healing power for others

Finding our purpose in life is important for living a successful life and feeling it. We can find our way out of our pains and the pains of those around us. The pain of another person can sometimes lead us to our purpose. Some people find meaning in other people’s suffering as they experience them. As a teenager, I suffered greatly and lived a miserable youth life due to the uncooperative behavior of my parents and peers at school. I was in pain and took some wrong actions to run away from reality.

But as I grew older, I realized I had done wrong, but it was not entirely my fault. I wouldn’t have gone through all of that if people around me had helped me at the time. That pain of my youth gave my life meaning to show young kids the right path. Because I wish no one should go through what I’m going through. I want them to believe that their lives are important and that they should not waste their time and energy on things that they will regret in the future, as I did. I want these children to know they have bright futures ahead of them and are intelligent. I chose this as my life’s purpose; now it’s up to you to choose yours.

Doctor Purpose’s Message

Most people miss out on their life’s purpose because they spend their time trying to avoid pain or looking for something to protect them from it. We all experience pain, but it is our choice whether to carry these pains with us for the rest of our lives or turn them into our purpose. These sufferings force us to confront ourselves and the meaning of our lives, as I discovered after suffering through the agonies of broken relationships, painful adolescence, heartaches, feelings of unloved, and much more. But I didn’t hide my pain; instead, I learned to use my pains and life experiences to help others. As I did it, so you can do it as well.

When you realize that getting over your past isn’t about blaming others but deciding to move forward, the time and energy you spent focusing on the wrongdoer no longer serves a purpose or makes sense. Your time and energy can now be directed toward activities that will benefit you in the short term. You will have a sense of balance in your day to ensure that your needs are met. Using your energies to discover the cause of all your pains and sufferings will give you a sense of purpose in life. And believe me, it’s the only way to get through them.

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